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A lot of big motorsport-events are covering hundreds or thounds or square-miles. No matter if car or truck - They spread in far distances from each other. To keep an eye on them, ensuring maximum safety and real time race control work, there is a need for a remote tracking device and service.

Using our own technology and products, we are able to establish real time tracking via GSM, Satellite and DRTN (digital radio transmission network), covering almost any possible enviroment. This system work together and are even capable to integrate third party technology for further or special enhancements.

To ensure maximum safety, we monitor movement and acceleration data and a realtime analyser will indicate every suspicious behavior to the monitoring crew instantly - Even providing automated geolocation messages (sms) to safety crew on the track. - So dispatching help for an (for example) accident is very fast and easy.


  • Up to 500 vehicles parallel in one viewport
  • Grouping of vehicles with freely definable states
  • Replay function of movement with free adjustable speedup-factor
  • An interactive map as base for most operation
  • G-Force analysation with diagramms
  • Storing unlimited history of movement


Our system features a fully three-timeline-timekeeping database, which ensures maximum reliability of classifications. Consisting of proven and certified TAG-HEUER Gates and chronoprinters, measurement by precise defined geospots and classic boarcards or other lower level timing inputs. Our timekeepers have experience from hundreds of events all over the world and are able to deliver bullet-proof classifications under nearly every circumstance. Timekeeping is right behind safety, the most important part in your event. Give it to someone, who knows about the challange in the real world. Geotraq can be your first choice.


When you have an idea for a new event or your success is growing, you might face the need for help from professionals, to avoid serious problems, which might not be in your scope right now, or disappointed participants, who might had have different expecations. The world of rallye circus, no matter if for professional licensed drivers or amateurs, is full of pitfalls. Get one of our consultants and make sure, everything will run smoothly.

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