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The problem: Weather, stress, danger, jams.
These people are first and last on track.

The solution: Digital CPs without a crew.
Impossible to shortcut the track without penalty.
Track monitoring uses standard google maps api,
so you can use satellite mode for terrain-precision.
On the right: A speed monitoring for slow parts.

In Love, war and sports is everything allowed?

No, because cheating is the opposite of fairness and a winner needs to be free from suspicious questions. And we can provide this trust.

Our timekeeping is completey redundant. It works with two independent measuring methods. One of them is typicall some kind of manual work, like a time card or timestick. The other part is a GPS based system, which verifies and corrects final results.

We know the need for transparency and we know the need for digital assistance in the field. For example: The usage of virtual waypoints is mandatory in professional racing and becomes more and more popular on amateur-rallying too. You have regular control points, mixed up with virtual one - only visible in the road book. Our system proofs driving on the right track and offers the tools to verify this on demand.

Developed by active racing enthusiasts, GEOTRAQ® is especially designed to keep his "satellite-eyes" on rallye raid competitors the whole time. It uses much less manpower and provides a super fine precision. With the ability do set several dependencies, you can make your race as fair as possible. Using a high quality GPS device and our GEOTRAQ® software, we ensure very fast result lists and the chance, to recalculate full stages at any time with any kind of change in configuration. Remove or add control points, reset the finish, you can even split a stage in several specials.

In few words - It allows you to define much more control points, unlimited speed-checks and a lot of logical conditions, which are for example required, to set a passed CP as valid. It`s operating backend provides automatic filters for break-points on the track, making it easy to measure the time spent by the racer to help some other. For sure, cheaters will fail here. No chance for shortcuts and the analyzing engine is absolutely transparent to everybody. No more discussions about anything, because everything is clear an can be reprojected on a map every time. We`ll make timekeeping easy, fast and affordable.. That was always the idea and our main goal.

You will see GEOTRAQ® this year at work on two of the biggest rallyes in Europe: The Rallye Breslau Poland and Rallye Breslau Balkan.

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