Hi there and welcome

We`re proud to announce our own anniversary - 10 years of the brandname GEOTRAQ®, 10 years of geographical technology and innovation. You can count on us since 2003, because we are the people, who time the world. :-)

If you are looking for geotraq media, an agency for web-based software solutions and hosting, just follow this link.

Before we start, lets have a short look in our past:

  • We`ve been one of the first on the web, with a moveable seamless citymap.
  • We`ve created GIS applications, which allowed users to collaborate over the internet in data-gathering for higher productivity.
  • We`ve been a leading authority in SEO optimized map-informations for years.

And now, since all this is done globally and very excellent by Google today, we focussed our eyes on new projects. So a very warm welcome to GEOTRAQ® timekeeping, a all-in-one solution for organizers of rallye raids all over the planet. Redundant, smart, transparent, very fast and highly precise - And alle this with less manpower on the track. Read more.