Track your participants in real time

A lot of big motorsport-events are covering hundreds or thounds or square-miles. No matter if car or truck - They spread in far distances from each other. To keep an eye on them, ensuring maximum safety and real time race control work, there is a need for a remote tracking device and service.

There are a lot of concepts on the market. Starting with relatively simple transmitters, which send GPS coordinates in a fixed timeframe via SIM Card in a GSM network to servers up to high tech devices like SPOT ®, which use their own communication satellites and hav no need for GSM network anymore.

We prefer the satellite solution and provide seemless integration into our own products. GEOTRAQ ® provides the required API to all major distribution feeds and allows your crew to keep an eye on everybody. Of course you can show a nice map to visitors, which like to know, where which participant is right now - Known as Live-Coverage.

Capabilities of GEOTRAQ ® tracking

  • Up to 500 vehicles parallel in one viewport
  • Grouping of vehicles with freely definable states
  • Replay function of movement with free adjustable speedup-factor
  • An interactive map as base for most operation
  • Delaying of Live Coverage as anti-cheat.concept
  • Storing unlimited history of movement
  • Works with almost every tracking system, including our own choice SPOT ®

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